For my mum and dad

Please click on each image to play each short film on Edinburgh.  These films are for my mum and dad. Mrs Picken, an elderly widow, who day after day, year … Continue reading For my mum and dad


A film about Dr Robert Sibbald of Kipps. It is most likely that you have never heard of him: PRODROMUS: To play the film please click here or on the … Continue reading Prodromus

“Fine in every last detail”

Mavisbank House has survived against all the odds. Today its future remains in doubt. Peter’s short films about Mavisbank House [please click on each image to play a different film] … Continue reading “Fine in every last detail”

Mavisbank: “On Esca’s Flow’ry Bank”

This is the talk I gave to the Civic Trust Conference on the 29th October 2014. The Conference was entitled “FEELING GOOD: Wellbeing & the built Environment”. The Civic Trust … Continue reading Mavisbank: “On Esca’s Flow’ry Bank”