Medical publications

(1) Psychiatric self-referral in Scotland: an unknown quantity?
Published in the Health Bulletin 55(4) July 19971a

(2) Use of drugs, alcohol & tobacco by people with schizophrenia: case-control study British Journal of Psychiatry 2002 (181: 321-325)B-J-Psych-2002,-Schizophren

(3) Service Innovation: The First Year of a Brief Psychiatric Screening Clinic in  Primary Care Psychiatric Bulletin 2002 (26: 218-221)Service-innovation-2002,-wi

(4) Re-evaluating George III, the porphyria diagnosis, and the King’s madness.
Letter in reply to the two articles published in History of Psychiatry Journal; March 2010; Vol 21; Issue 1; No 81.King-George-III-madness
The text of the above letter can be read here

(5) Issues around early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.
British Medical Journal. BMJ 2011;343:d6613 Letter published 18 Oct 2011Issues-around-early

(6) The classification of psychosis 
The British Journal of Psychiatry (2011) 198, 3230-327The-classification-of-psych

(7) System for disclosing hospitality should be transparent
BMJ 2011;343:d7375 Letter published 15 Nov 2011System-for-disclosing-hospi

(8) Taking dementia seriously.
BMJ2012;344:e2745 Published letter – 18 April 2012Taking dementia seriously BMJ

(9) How we risk getting it wrong in cognitive screening too.
BMJ2012;344:e4043 Letter published 12 June 2012Getting it wrong again, cognitive screening

(10) Window tax: Iatrogenic Stigma. 
Mental Health and Social Inclusion, Vol. 16 Iss: 4 pp. 181 – 187. Published November 2012Window Tax by Peter

(11) There is no evidence base for proposed dementia screening. 
BMJ Observation Piece . BMJ2012;345:e8588  Co-authored. Published 27 Dec 2012No-evidence---to-PM

(12) Confusion is everywhere.
BMJ 2013;346:f511 Published letter 30 Jan 2013Confusion is everywhere

(13) CANTABmobile and its misleading promotion
BMJ 2013;347:f5597. Published letter15 Oct 2013CANTABmobile & its misleading

(14) SIGN should be transparent about competing interests in all current guidelines
BMJ 2014;348:f7699 Published letter 6 Jan 2014SIGN guidelines transparency

(15) Why the GMC should set up a central registry of doctors’ competing interests This transparency can only be good for medical practice.
Open Letter to the General Medical Council.15 co-authors. BMJ 2014;348:g236 Published 15 Jan 2014GMC central Register, call for

(16) Dementia Research: no evidence that “anti-dementia” drugs modify disease 
BMJ 2014;348:g2607 Published 7 April 2014No evidence anti-dementia drugs

(17) An open letter to Simon Stevens, NHS chief executive, and Alistair Burns, national clinical lead for dementia
BMJ 2014;349:g6666, Published 06 November 2014. Co-authoredOpen letter, cash for dementia

(18) “Undiagnosing” dementia
BMJ 2015;350:h290 Published 20 January 2015Undiagnosing dementia 20 Jan 2015, BMJ, Peter

(19) Self Regulation is an Oxymoron
2016;354:i4049  Published 26 July 2016

Self regulation is an oxymoron, BMJ, July 2016

(20) We want to gain the public’s trust, but are we listening to them?

Published 20 September 2017, cite as BMJ 2017;358:j4203

(21) Bring me a sunshine act; five minutes with . . . Peter Gordon

Published 29 March 2018, cite as BMJ 2018;360:k1380

(22) Learning from experience

My letter, as published in the British Journal of General Practice, May 2023 :

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