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“A gem of a book”

The current BMJ includes an obituary to Brice Pitt: emeritus professor of old age psychiatry who died in January of this year. He was clearly regarded highly by his colleagues … Continue reading “A gem of a book”

Keep wondering

Muses of a gardener growing auld. Filmed in Mossgrove garden in the Spring of 2021. [Please forgive my narcissistic tendencies but really, I am the only human-scale, madcap-enough to feature … Continue reading Keep wondering

A Scottish Perspective

This perspective by Jennifer McBain featured in the Herald, 8 May 2021. Jennifer McBain begins by saying that Scotland’s Mental health system “is failing us all”. I share this conclusion. … Continue reading A Scottish Perspective

High Dalblair

I visited High Dalblair on Monday 10th May 2021.

Puir Ticky, ye hae ticket lang

This lovely poem ticks [still loud] alangside my hairt beat! T. A. Johnston include this poem in “A Very Parochial Anthology’. The watch in the background wis Rabbie Burn’s vairy … Continue reading Puir Ticky, ye hae ticket lang