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“The Blairgowrie Juniors berrypickers’ weigh-in-lottery”

Back in the land of the Jeely makkers I feel braw! Saft-fruit is ripening now orchard-to-orchard. A lifetime on from Drumdruills and I am a hundred-punnets short of sanity. But … Continue reading “The Blairgowrie Juniors berrypickers’ weigh-in-lottery”

Come back the earth

[endlessly] I was stravaiging in the wrang gear! an auld fairmer revealed this to me! Back came my Grumpa in his SERIES II!

In my waking dream

Teddy bears rule! [Series I to infinity – I am a Scott]

All the sky

The sky belongs to us all. If this is a poem let it end here.

Take me to the river

Take me to the river mid-thought mid-dash. No need to find a crossing As my love for you needs neither ford nor bridge. Take me to the river, mid-thought mid-dash.