‘It is said that he had 3 years’ work in his studio’

Alexander Brodie was a most talented sculptor. He died 100 years before I was born. He is buried not far from my great-great-great grandfather in St Clement’s Churchyard, Footdee. This … Continue reading ‘It is said that he had 3 years’ work in his studio’

Theatrical Excitement in Edinburgh

The above is from the Book of Scottish Anecdote. I made this film about Scotland’s first theatre: The Book of Scottish Anecdote gives this account of the Theatre in Shakespeare … Continue reading Theatrical Excitement in Edinburgh

For my mum and dad

These films about Edinburgh are for my mum and dad. Mrs Picken, an elderly widow, who day after day, year after year, left an apple on her window-sill for me … Continue reading For my mum and dad

Shakespeare Square

Between 1769 and 1860 Edinburgh’s Theatre Royal was the focus of Shakespeare Square [a Square that was removed long ago to make way for the North Bridge and the Victorian … Continue reading Shakespeare Square