The galleria

At the end of March the Scotsman had an article that outlined the proposed opening schedule for Edinburgh’s new St James Centre and ‘galleria’. John Lewis is now open again … Continue reading The galleria

‘The Future of Scotland’

I have put together this montage from two sources: (1) The graphic image of St Andrew’s House [the headquarters building of the Scottish Government] featured on the cover of ‘The … Continue reading ‘The Future of Scotland’

A newly planted orchard

Yesterday, with several other volunteers, I was back helping Kate, the Head Gardener for Bannockburn House Trust.  I feel fortunate to be a wee part of this wonderful community endeavour … Continue reading A newly planted orchard

As inaccessible as the horizon

If you travel by railway between Edinburgh and Glasgow [vice-versa] [versa-vice] you will have passed-by [at speed] this burial ground to ‘friendship and truth’ Music credit: ‘EXIT music‘ by Steven … Continue reading As inaccessible as the horizon