A film about Samalaman which featured in a recent Sunday newspaper as “do-upper-of-the-week”: Most of the photographs in this film come from here [I do not have copyright for these … Continue reading Samalaman


The Wanzie: it’s easy to find Music credit: ‘I am easy to find’ by The National Opening voice is that of Kerry Hudson being interviewed on Radio 4 for Start … Continue reading Wanzie


May 2019 and the Classic Car Rally arrives in Bridge of Allan. Credit: Feel Good Inc by Gorillaz (I do not have copyright)

“uncritical partisan narrative”

In a previous post I shared this paper: The declarations of interest were given as follows: I have written the following open letter to the lead author: Sent: 22 May … Continue reading “uncritical partisan narrative”

“Antidepressants, withdrawal and addiction: where are we now?”

This perspective has just been published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. My brief response to one of the authors can be read here, alongside further details of the competing interests of … Continue reading “Antidepressants, withdrawal and addiction: where are we now?”

how many letters

A letter to the TIMES: Following this, I had my own letter published in The TIMES: Today, this letter was published in the BMJ. Letters not of me. I have … Continue reading how many letters

A thank you letter

I want to thank the BMJ for publishing this letter and to thank all of the authors for writing it. This is a thank you letter to  l i v … Continue reading A thank you letter

an umbilical cord

We all try our wee best. Objectivity is a shared determination to reach towards distant skies. This is why exploring minds will always matter! Hole Ousia  cannot offer an overarching “understanding” … Continue reading an umbilical cord

A letter in the BMJ

References: Davies J, Moncrieff J, Kinderman P, et al; Council for Evidence-Based Psychiatry. Stigma and efficacy of taking antidepressants. Letter to the editor. Times 2018 Feb 23. Burns W. Pills for … Continue reading A letter in the BMJ

Published in the British Journal of Psychiatry (2000)

This paper, funded, researched and written by Eli Lilly was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in 2000. In this paper the word “relapse” is used 64 times. The … Continue reading Published in the British Journal of Psychiatry (2000)

The matoke eaters

When I worked in Kampala I was fed by local families. They were ever so kind to me. Every day we eat matoke (green bananas) – it was delicious. This … Continue reading The matoke eaters