A tube or twa of impure NEON

William Ramsay, Scottish scientist: William Ramsay, on his childhood: Our etymological dictionary begins: But this, of course, is a generalisation as William Ramsay reveals: William Ramsay, reminds us that the … Continue reading A tube or twa of impure NEON

A humanising sense of creativity

The following are extracts from an article in the Scotland on Sunday, 13 November 2022, about a new collection of the Edinburgh poems by Wilfred Owen and Seigfried Sassoon: Wilfred … Continue reading A humanising sense of creativity

Mind that child

Mind that child: To play this short film please click here or on the image above. Opening audio: Storytelling – Sunday Morning, Radio Scotland, 23rd Oct 2022 Music credit: Big … Continue reading Mind that child

Amateur Cine Enthusiast

Somehow, my life has become traversing many bridges between the Arts and the Sciences. Sian holds my hand as we cross these rivers of light. Amateur Cine Enthusiast [Cimbrone edit]: … Continue reading Amateur Cine Enthusiast