vivendo discimus

‘Vivendo discimus’ has been translated as “by living we learn”. Julian Baggini, in ‘How the World thinks’ shared different academic approaches to reason and experience. The following professionals have become … Continue reading vivendo discimus

The ‘serotonin hypothesis’

In his acclaimed book How the World thinks, the philosopher Julian Baggini offers these considerations on the ‘Serotonin hypothesis’:    

Can you hear the people sing?

In “How the world thinks” Julian Baggini says “there is a temptation to believe that objective knowledge transcends all points of view, all concepts, all language. Rather than objective knowledge … Continue reading Can you hear the people sing?

the NHS

I feel most fortunate to have worked for 25 years in the NHS.


I like to consider all languages (including numbers and music) as freedoms


over there

always present

said Nashida


INSIGHT is the title that the Royal College of Psychiatrists chose for its magazine: I would suggest that it is a mistake to consider that Psychiatry has better INSIGHT than … Continue reading INSIGHT

other languages

If the Arts and the Sciences stop learning together flowers will die.

For the Greeks

Before the early 1830s the word “science” was rarely heard. After this time, at least in the Western world, the humanities increasingly became “divorced” from the sciences [and vice versa]. … Continue reading For the Greeks