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  1. Very interesting. I have info on Ann, eldest daughter, and Elizabeth Mercer, the two daughters of Gaeme Mercer of Mavisbank and the Wilson son, and Major Mercer who came to Upper Canada in 1832

  2. I have Gordon roots. Some of the names in your article may match my Gordon family. Do you have a genealogy of these people that you are willing to share? Thank you.

  3. I am a New Zealand descendant of “Camlet” John Gordon and Euphemia MacAndrew researching this branch of the family at the moment and have so enjoyed finding this information to fill in gaps and bring these family members to life.

  4. William Morrison is my great, great, great grandfather. I would love a copy of the short film Velocity. Do please make contact.

  5. Hello In have just stumbled on the splendid MacCallum Scott entry as I was searching to see if there were any copies of Winston Churchill in Peace and War for sale. I was the first person outside the family to see the diaries about 35 years ago when they were lent to me. And I have been preparing an essay about him to go into a volume of essays on Churchill’s contemporaries.

    Do please contact me:

  6. I am a descendant of Donald Gordon bapt 24 Sept 1794, who according to notes I have read on the net which were recorded by Dr John Malcolm Bulloch was the son of Donald Gordon and Elizabeth McDonald of Tilfogar. (In some of the papers I have read it has been spelt Tillyfoggar.) Donald married Janet Grant the sister of John Grant, Head Forester to Queen Victoria, and died in Banchory in 1881. In a letter from another descendant written to my aunt he mentions a newspaper article that said Donald was a distiller of whiskey in his youth before joining the preventative forces. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out what newspaper the article was in.

    Donald’s sister Catherine Gordon married John McKenzie (another ancestor of mine) and I believe another of his sisters, Mary, married Donald Stewart. I have a scrapbook with newspaper cuttings about these particular people which was brought to New Zealand when the family emigrated here in 1881.

    I began researching my family history 12 years ago and visited Crathie, Easter Balmoral and Balnacroft in 2004. It was fantastic to come across your home page “Hole Ousia”. I would really like to hear back from you as you probably know far more about my ancestors than I do. The Gordons are such a prolific family I would like to make sure I have the right one.

    Thank you.

    1. I need to relook at all this .. will have a go … but not all of it stays in my head. Remind me if I do not reply within the next few weeks.

      aye Peter

  7. Peter, I found out about you (and your admirable health campaigning) after walking through Glen Girnock. I was searching for information on the Glen and I came across the Holeousia website. I too work in the NHS and find the culture stifling (or even worse) at times. Keep up the good fight…

    1. How kind James. It is support like yours that keeps me going. Thank you.

      How was Bovaglia looking?

      aye Peter

  8. It’s sad to see the Girnoch Glen in such decline. It needn’t be. But that’s life and maybe some day some rich person will breath fresh life into it.

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