A tube or twa of impure NEON

William Ramsay, Scottish scientist: William Ramsay, on his childhood: Our etymological dictionary begins: But this, of course, is a generalisation as William Ramsay reveals: William Ramsay reminds us that the … Continue reading A tube or twa of impure NEON

Business is booming [Porter’s Bell]

The Porter’s Bell [a film by Peter]: Peter’s sculpture will be a ringing attack on a culture where “disorder” has reached into every aspect of everyday human life. Roy Porter … Continue reading Business is booming [Porter’s Bell]


There is no such word as ‘chumcentric’. You will not find it in a dictionary.It is interesting to consider it in relation to these dictionary definitions:

[ F U N C T I O N A L ]

I retired as a doctor 2 years ago. My career was in psychiatry for older adults and I succesfully campaigned for a Timely approach to the diagnosis of dementia. I … Continue reading [ F U N C T I O N A L ]