Not a true picture.

I recently received a message that included this sentence: I replied to the sender: There is a need to correct this view. The truth is that UK psychiatry is enmeshed … Continue reading Not a true picture.

“Psychedelic drugs could soon treat alcoholism”

This article by Helen McArdle featured in the Herald on the 9th September 2023. Professor David Nutt, a career-long paid opinion leader for the pharmaceutical industry, is quoted and presents … Continue reading “Psychedelic drugs could soon treat alcoholism”

“The biggest effect on human health is commercial determinants”

The full feature interview with Chris and Xand van Tulleken and Margaret McCartney can be read here. Meantime here are some selected passages:

Adverts for ‘Scottish Brain Sciences’

In recent weeks and in several newspapers I have noticed adverts for Scottish Brain Sciences. The adverts are generally half-page adverts and difficult to miss. If you are interested in … Continue reading Adverts for ‘Scottish Brain Sciences’