A Devil’s Dictionary

This is the title of an Editorial in the October 2017 BJPsych Bulletin. It is a personal view by Dr Philip Timms  a retired Consultant Psychiatrist. Dr Timms gave two … Continue reading A Devil’s Dictionary

“Just a word”

In an official Medical Society Blog the following words were recently used in response to thoughts that I had submitted on a medical subject.  These singular words were put in inverted … Continue reading “Just a word”

To learn from and cherish

In the Scottish Herald on the 1st October 2016: reminded us all that: and suggested that we: Rebecca McQuillan  worried, as I do, that: Our treasured NHS and those who … Continue reading To learn from and cherish

The mechanical language of Health Improvement

The following words appear frequently in the language of Health Improvement: It is my view that Healthcare Improvement needs to consider the potential consequences of the widespread use of such … Continue reading The mechanical language of Health Improvement