Lola Montes

I recently took a short trip north to meet a friend. On my way home I stopped for the night in Montrose and stayed in the Star Hotel, a former … Continue reading Lola Montes

‘To influence others by offering money’

As published in the Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin, Volume 60, Number 4, April 2022:

The Highland Hotel Robbers

Newspaper reports [in a timeline] of the “Highland Hotel Robberies”. The ‘robbers’ photographed  before being locked-up in Inveraray Jail: “Captain James Edward Lyon” [aka Jimmy Lyons] was found guilty and … Continue reading The Highland Hotel Robbers

Old Gorbals

The International Book Festival, Central Hall, Edinburgh, Saturday 20 August 2022: Richard Holloway shared happy memories of growing up in the Gorbals of Glasgow. Voice-recognition-technology was  used to share Richard … Continue reading Old Gorbals