Hole Ousia is interested in Scotland today and Scotland past; Scotland’s countryside and Scotland’s architecture from noble families to the common ankle-high rickle-stane remains of most of us.

Faery Bridge

When I was a child my Granny used to take me to the Dunblane war memorial by the Allan Water which we crossed by the Faery Bridge. This reinforced concrete … Continue reading Faery Bridge

The Hotel Porter told me

The Hotel Porter told me: To play this film about Croy House please click here or on the image above.

pictures of you

For Sian. Pictures of you: Music credits: [1] Jennifer She Said – Lloyd Cole unplugged, 2016 [2] Pictures of You – Brandon McCulloch’s cover of a song by The Cure … Continue reading pictures of you

The House of Lessendrum [what love means]

Wednesday 21st September 2022: Sian joined me in visiting what remains of Lessendrum House: we approached by barbed wire and nettles. What love means: To play this film please click … Continue reading The House of Lessendrum [what love means]