Avondale House

The photographs in the gallery below are from a visit to Avondale House, Polmont on the 12th May 2014.

The ruined house is Avondale House, Polmont, Scotland is of a gothic style. This was the childhood home of the pioneering geologist William Edmond Logan (1798-1875)

Today Avondale House is a steel-shuttered ruin and yards away is one of the largest and smelliest land-fill sites in Scotland.

Written in stone [click here or on the image below to play my short film]:

I made this film – Time passes. Listen –  about Avondale House. It is dedicated to William Edmond Logan:

The title of this film though comes from Dylan Thomas and his masterpiece “Under Milk Wood”.

Florentino Ariza in “Love in the time of cholera” by Gabriel García Márquez: “Florentino Ariza was very sensitive to the faltering steps of age.” P311


This film,  Life outside – the start of,  was made in August 2018, a year after the fire that left Avondale House roofless:

And this film, a year later:

About a boy:

17 Replies to “Avondale House”

  1. Thankyou for the information and pics re Avondale House. I have lived in the area for 50 years and just found out recently about the house. I think it is shocking that it has been allowed to get to this state. Did not know about Logan either- have brought this to the attention of local history group. How did you know this was his childhood home?

    1. Dear Guthrie and Rhona,
      Thank you for your feedback and further information about Avondale House.

      I share your concerns about how our cultural heritage may not be valued as much as it should.

      I made this film recently about lathallan House

      Did you know that Salvesen built with his own hands the first car in Scotland! It was steam-powered! My film imagines Salvesen revisiting lathallan estate in his old car.

      aye Peter

      1. I used to live at Avondale

      2. It would be wonderful for you to share your memories of Avondale – but only if you wished to do so.

        aye Peter

  2. I used to live at Avondale House between 1950 & 1969. I have photographs

    1. It was set on fire last Monday and now stands in ruin.

      1. That is terrible. I feel gutted myself. What a sad ending.

        Thank you for letting me know Stuart.

        aye Peter G
        Bridge of Allan

    2. Hello. my grandfather (Hamish R. M. Milligan) also used to live here. do you perhaps know him? he moved to Denmark i the 1960’s

      1. Hi Amalie, I met your grandfather when my husband, Rhoderick, and I visited Denmark some years ago. Rhoderick was his younger brother.

  3. What year was the picture taken at the top of this page?

  4. I took that photograph of Avondale House which is shown here, in 1979.

      1. Lachlan, I would like to see some of your other pictures of the house. Your father was the older brother of mt grandfather. C E Tinne

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