Greenock Tempietto

This film is about particles and being. It was filmed at Greenock Tempietto on Sunday 28th January 2018.

T E M P I E T T O :

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This film is for: Sian, my mum, my Granny, Rachel, my sister Catriona, my sister Gillian, Eileen, Mrs Picken, Mrs Beaton (my English teacher), Ella Rae, Ena Scott, Davina Gordon, Pam Smith, Eve Graham, Emily Graham, Annie Baird, Jessie Lennox, Nancy Prentice, Chrys Muirhead, Patricia Palmer (Lochawe), Aunt Mabel, Sally Scott, Penelope Fitzgerald, Dee McHaffie, Liz Lochead, Robin Hyde, and the lady who touched my hand as I paid for my lunch.

Music credits:
(1) Exit Music – Steven Lindsay
(2) Overture – Tracey Thorn and the Unbending Trees