“Aye, Right! is a Scotticism in which a double positive forms a negative. It is generally used as a sarcastic response to question or to challenge a presumption.

The following news feature is in the current BMJ:

These official figures have attracted a number of responses.

On social media, Dr Samei Huda, author of the forthcoming bookThe Medical Model in Mental Health” gave his “explanation and evaluation” of these official figures:

“[the] increase in prescriptions [is] due to use in pain [and] more people seeking treatment and longer duration [of treatment] to prevent relapse as per guidance”

Dr Huda’s forthcoming book “The Medical Model in Mental Health: an Explanation and Evaluation” will no doubt share the evidence base that fully validates long-term prescribing of antidepressants. Given the paucity of evidence for such long-term treatment, many of those who have experience of taking antidepressants in the longer term may be muttering “Aye, Right!”

Footnote: Dr Huda, a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, will be signing his book at the International Congress of the Royal College of  Psychiatrists in early summer.