Stuart of Steuartfield died at Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh. This was a long time ago.

Ancient Steuartfield (a longstanding companion of the Bannockburn) was demolished in my youth.

I visited mansionless Steuartfield yesterday (Tuesday 17th September 2019). It was early morning and I had not expected to meet anybody. But arriving at Steuartfield Steading I was greeted by the Kennedy family. How kind they were to me as an uninvited guest. In the Kennedy’s kitchen conversation flitted between experience and history.

This film is dedicated to the Kennedy family.

Great Stuart Street:

To play the film please click here or on the above image.

My thanks to Mrs Kennedy for introducing me to her beautiful garden.

Music Credit: Scott Walker Revisited (BBC Proms)

[Footnote: my father was christened as ‘Alan Stuart Gordon’ but has always been known as Stuart]