Carmichael House

A film about Carmichael House and estate, Lanarkshire. To play this short film please click here or on the image below:

Ars moriendi:

The barony of Carmichael was conferred in 1647 on the direct male descendent of the original Witham Carmichael “to him and his heirs male whatsoever”.

Roy Map of 1750:

Early October 1903:

December 1907:

7th November 1914:

The young Baronet at the start of the First World War:

25-27th July 1923:

Five years later, the young Baronet is dead:

The last two direct heirs of Carmichael, father and son, both died aged 26 years:

The Anstruther and Carmichael clan mottos are carved above the grave: ‘Periissem ni Periissem’
(I would have perished had I not persisted) and ‘Tou Jours Prest’ (Always Ready).

In June 1935 the contents of Carmichael House were auctioned:

A doctor then bought Carmichael with the intention of turning it into a Nursing Home:

However, by 1950 Carmichael was up for sale:

In 1952, Charles Brand was employed to strip Carmichael house and remove the roof:

Woodland now surrounds the house where the graves of family pets are to be found:

A visit to Carmichael House, 5th February 2018:

The designed landscape has survived with elegance: