“Casual false reassurances”

In The “Psychiatric Bulletin” of December 2016 there is an interview with Vanessa Cameron,  Chief Executive of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, 1984-2016.

The following is an extract. An extract which makes me wonder if the Chief Executive of the Royal College  of Psychiatrists has ever looked at the evidence that others have established and that I have gathered here on Hole Ousia?


Less than two years ago this was debated in public by Dr Ben Goldacre and Professor Simon Wessely, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists:


Last week (December 2016), at the NHS board I am employed with, LUNDBECK had organised one of their Reps to do a presentation on their new antidepressant BRINTELLIX. I refused to attend. That same week, the December edition of the British Journal of  Psychiatry, was published, and as always it had a back page promotional advert. For many months these have been for medications for Adult ADHD but December 2016 was for LUNDBECK’s new drug Brintellix: