Gunnar Jungner

I was an NHS doctor for more than 25 years.  Public Health Paper, No 34, published by the WHO in 1968, had more impact on my practice than any other paper:

This paper was written by two authors: James Maxwell Glover Wilson and Gunnar Junger.

Philip Wilson has given this wonderful narrative account of his father, James Maxwell Glover Wilson.

Lars Jungner, Ingmar Jungner et al, have given this special narrative account of Gunnar Jungner.

[1]   Posts that I have written which return to Public Health Paper No 34.
[2] I retired as an NHS doctor at the relatively early age of 51 years. One of my reasons for taking this most difficult decision –  I was valued as a doctor – related to my experience that the wisdom of Wilson and Jungner no longer seemed to be appreciated by my profession.