Holed out in ONE!

On the 21st June 1928 Walter McFarlane ‘holed out in ONE!’

In 1928, Walter McFarlane, a ‘motor driver’, was renting accommodation at ‘Craigview’ house, Fountain Road Bridge of Allan. This is just about all that seems to be known about him.

(1) I am a rubbish golfer, however my father Stuart has, like Walter Mc Farlane, also ‘holed out in ONE!’
(2) Fountain Road reaches out from the Nineveh Fountain. This fountain is next to our home, Mossgrove.

[Thank you once again to Stirling Council Archives for their series ‘Document of the Month’, from which the information in this post comes from. I would reccomend Stirling Council Archives, whether visiting in person or in browsing their online archive]