EPAD co-coordinator: Professor Craig Ritchie

The following material is all taken from publicly shared material [open access].

I intend to share similar open access material available for all the authors of the “Edinburgh Consensus”.

I understand the need for partnership with industry but I have concerns that there lacks full public transparency about the financial incentivisation of science. Such incentivisation, evidence has established, can lead to wider harm.

The disclosures given by Professor Craig Ritchie for this talk given on the 30th November 2017:

The Edinburgh Consensus was published online on 26 October 2017:

Professor Craig Ritchie conceived the consensus meeting :

Ethical approval was not applicable:

The Consensus meeting was supported only in terms of hospitality: by Alzheimer Scotland and the University of Edinburgh:

This is the published competing interests for all the authors of the “Edinburgh Consensus”. Professor Craig Ritchie has no declarations in the published version:

Professor Craig Ritchie has declared the following on the The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Register:

Professor Craig Ritchie gave this declaration to the British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) on 3 March 2016:

The full accounts of Ritchie Consultancies Ltd (2002 – present day):

Ritchie Consultancies Ltd (2016)

Relevant declarations for the Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Scientific Meeting:

What appears to be promotional work on XANIMEM:

The above presentation includes Professor Craig Ritchie’s declarations as of 9th December 2016.

What appears to be promotional work on SOUVENAID:

The Pharmaceutical Industry promotes that it is an ethical partner in research . One would reasonably expect that public transparency would be ensured and that all financial interests are declared:

The EPAD press release of 15 January 2015:

The press release from Boehringer Ingelheim:

The PRANA biotechnology Research and Advisory Board:

26th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Excellence in dementia research and care” in Copenhagen, Denmark (31 October-2 November 2016) Special Symposium:

“Changing how we communicate about Alzheimer’s disease”

by Professor Craig Ritchie:

In this talk about “excellence in dementia research and care” there seems to be no mention of ethics, uncertainty, risk and the ten necessary criteria of Wilson and Jungner, World Health Organisation.