‘Hill of the Resurrection’

On the south bank of the sea loch that is Loch Fyne, above Newton Bay, is a small summit known in Gaelic as:

Tradition (little more than oral recall) has called that this small summit was so-named because two sailors bodies were found drowned in Newton Bay and they were taken up to this spot to be buried. The names of the sailors, or what period of time this happened, has not been recorded and so will never be known.

Later this summer I am going to suggest to my friend, and fellow wanderer, that we climb this small summit, up to Bàrr na h-Ais-eirigh, where two drowned sailors were buried. On the way to Argyll we will perhaps listen to Nick Cave, Brahms, Scott Walker and Thomas Tallis.

Once we have climbed to Bàrr na h-Ais-eirigh we can have a picnic and share stories with one another. I would like to hear from my friend about his memories of his grandparents. This would be just two men talking together having climbed to a small summit. There, I would like to share stories of my childhood in Argyll with my Granny (she loved taking me on picnics and to gardens).

Bàrr na h-Ais-eirigh looks across Loch Fyne to Crarare gardens which will be in late bloom. We would need a ferry to take us there