This is a short film about a day exploring Kennetpans a ruined distillery on the banks of the river Forth. I did so with a friend on Sunday the 15th March 2015.

The end of development:

Kennetpans was once owned by my great-great grandfather Robert Scott. He sold Kennetpans in the late 1930s.

The film is titled “End of development” given that it was the 1788 Act of excise (from Westminster) that brought the development of lowland Scottish whisky virtually to an end. The Steins of Kennetpans and Kilbagie had, up to 1788, been ruthless developers and had only just introduced the first steam powered industry in Scotland. They also brought Scotland’s first railway (it was between Kennetpans & Kilbagie).

On that same Sunday night I was listening to Radio 4 “Analysis” and heard a talk by the anthropologist Henrietta Moore who argued that the age of development is now over, and that we need to move to new ideas about how to improve human lives.

I also include in this film an audio clip by Jeremy Irons from an interview a few years back where he brought Andrew Marr to a COMPLETE halt by asking if we can continually expand economy and development.

The sound tracks are:

(1) a cover of “Push Me Shove Me” (the Act of parliament by Westminster ‘pushed and shoved’ Kennetpans. ‘I call that over’)

(2) Doon The Craw Road (Original Clackmannan song)

Thanks to Brian and Fiona of Kennetpans. As always

Look aboot ye:


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