Wellington Dauncey

Wellington Dauncey was born in Dursley on the 12th December 1824, the son of Titus and Mary Ann. He came from a family of cloth makers.

Wellington Dauncey took his life on the 15th August 1856, leaving behind his wife, Elizabeth Gibbs. They had been married less than 6 months. Although just thirty at the time of his marriage to Elizabeth, Wellington Dauncey was already a widower. In December 1853 he had married Sarah Boulton, but less than 6 months later she had died [possibly as a result of tuberculosis].

Cloths made throughtout Uley were made due to the many streams and rivers which gave the source of the different salts and minerals for the dyes which gave the different cloths of brilliant colours. These cloths had specific names depending on their origin: such as the famous Uley Blue which clothed the British army at the time.

Wellington Dauncey, gardener, aged 31 years, had faced several losses in his life, and he must have had many naturally associated fears. More likely than not, these fears would have been fore in his mind when he ended his life. I find myself doubting that he took his life as a consequence of the failure of his greenhouse blooms.

Dyes, are natural chemicals.

In modern times there has been much “talk” of “chemical imbalances” as an explanation of depression, and indeed, as an explanation for a wide range of ‘disorders’. Yet no – unequivocal – scientific evidence has been able to substantiate this, now widely accepted ‘explanation’.

It is lovely to be able to share that the house and gardens of Kingshill, Dursley, where Wellinton Dauncey once worked as a gardener, has become today, what might be best termed, a ‘healing landcape’:

Kingshill House currently operates as an Arts and Meeting Centre with the aim of providing a space for people in the local community, in a historic and open, friendly and social atmosphere thereby helping them to be informed and feel inspired with their creativity.

It currently provides the community with a large range of art based classes, workshops and performances. It’s spacious rooms can also be hired for business meetings or social events.