Mr and Mrs Rose

Hilary and Steven Rose, here, hold hands with Ray Tallis. I would argue that they are some of the brightest scientific minds of today. I agree with them that neuro-genetic determinism is not sufficient in itself to understand who we are, in the world that we live in, and where we all pass through time.

Blue tit {Parus caeruleus} drinking cream from milk bottle top. UK.

Bean-bag genes


Far outside

Genes R' Us

Genius is a matter of phosphorus

Gilbert's brilliant piece of theatre

In the beginning was the worm

© Harry Borden / IPG 2002 Steven Pinker

James Dewey Watson - HGP & shed-loads of money

by Wolfgang Suschitzky, bromide print, 1949

Marx-Darwin indeterminists

materialist account

Meaning of genes


Nick Craddock holus-bolus

(c) Juliet Wood; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

the modern synthesis

The Central Dogma and 'junk'

The Bioentrepreneurs

struggle for existence

Stone-age evolution and we stop

Shelley's Frankenstein

Promethean - Craig Venter

Panglossian Paradigm

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