RCPsych Presidential elections [2022/23]: in support of Dr Kate Lovett

Dr Kate Lovett is one of 3 candidates standing for the office of President for the Royal College of Psychiatrists 2022/23. I have read the supporting statements for the 3 candidates and they all have much to offer.

I was an NHS Psychiatrist for 25 years but retired 2 years ago and am now a gardener. Although I am no longer in a position to vote I am following the contest with interest. I was always impressed by Dr Kate Lovett in her role as Dean for the College. She listened, was polite and embodied the professional values of the organisation she served. An example of her leadership has been to offer guidance on psychiatrists’ use of social media, an area which can be fraught with difficulty. As part of their Social Media Policy [2022], the College included a film by Dr Lovett in which she shared “her tips  on how to successfully run a Twitter account“.

To play this short version of ‘Kate’s Twitter Tips’ please click here or on the image below: