Dunbog House

Dunbog House, Fife, was demolished in 1952, though an Eastern gable somehow survived and is now covered by ivy and surrounded by trees.

This sad account of the house was given just before the demolishers moved in:

For the Ordinance Survey of 1854, this account of Dunbog House was given:

[situation] About 15 chains W.N.W. [West North West] of Dunbog Church.
“A large and neatly built mansion house with offices all in good repair attached to it is a well enclosed garden and a large farm of ground now all under cultivation. It is the property of the Earl of Zetland. The Mansion house or a part of it only is at present occupied by a Hind employed on the farm, there is a local tradition in connection with this mansion, namely “that it was first built by Cardinal Beaton.” the Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Gilchrist parish minister of Dunbog says this is incorrect as [it] was long after the death of Cardinal Beaton when this estate of Dunbog came to be the property of the Beaton or Bethunes of Balfour, descendants of the same family by some of whom it must have been built. It is built on the site of the preceptory of Gadvan a small detached religious house belonging to the Abbey of Balmerino, and usually occupied by Monks from the above Abbey, who kept a school or preceptory in it officiated clerically a Small Chapel adjoining it and the [remnant] is still in the adjoining Grave Yard.”

My great-great-great Gordon grandparents are buried in the graveyard: John Gordon (born Bovaglie 1816, died Dunbog 1899) and his wife Ann Selbie (1818-1902):

There is no tombstone to my great-great-great grandparents. In his obituary of 1899 John Gordon was described as “being familiar with every road in Scotland”

It is my intention to return to Dunbog early next summer, and with a fine nozzle blow torch, write into the grass over the grave “familar with every road in Scotland”. The daisies will be undisturbed and the grass will grow back within a few weeks.