2019 International Congress: The commercialisation and branding of a profession

A poem by Dr Peter Gordon [please note: Given my concerns about the conflation of marketing with education, I have never attended an International Congress by the Royal College of Psychiatrists]:

From a distance I could see the vibrant colours
of all those who were there at the International Congress
I could feel the determination for good.

A Poet was there and spoke.
There was one talk on ethics [just one].
The President acknowledged that lived experience
[after decades of expression]
had [at last] been heard by the College!

The College Media team seem to be E V E R Y W H E R E
determined to shape the narrative.
The College Ethics Committee N O W H E R E .

Commerce spins colour.
What matters to me [and perhaps you too]
is natural colour.

This photograph was shared on social media by a trainee psychiatrist who is attending the 2019 International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists [#RCPsychIC]

The trainee psychiatrist added this comment below the photograph: “May or may not be ABILIFY in the coffee machine”

ABILIFY is the trade name for Aripirazole an antipsychotic medication

The commercialisation and branding of a profession:

The Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress begins today in London. #RCPsychIC

I recently asked if the Royal College of Psychiatrists was “Puritanical or Platinum?”

In 2018 I resigned from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I did so because of concerns about the commercialisation and branding of psychiatry alongside the erosion of professional values.

The following quote is from “A New World Naked” about the poet and doctor William Carlos Williams:


This sentence is from “A Doctor’s Line” by Sir Kenneth C. Calman:

This is a line from “Hotel World” by Ali Smith:

This is a line from “Howards End” by E. M. Forster:

This is a line from “Corridors of Power” by C. P. Snow: