Gawaine Baillie

There he dies [Second Lieutenant Gawaine Baillie, of Polkemmet, West Lothian]

Second Lieutenant Gawaine Ballie: 29th May 1893 – 7th September 1914:

“When we look across the sea to Flanders and think of the 7th September, we remember proudly of that young officer having freely given his all for his country’s sake. You know what bright prospects earth had for him here in this beautiful place, but when the call of country came he felt he must go. And so he went. In the shock of battle he was wounded. He had a right then to come back as an honoured soldier. Was that what he would do? No, He would have his arm bound up, and learning that his regiment was to charge the next day, he must lead his men. So he goes into battle only with one arm, enough to guide his good horse; he goes into the charge in the knowledge that it was practically certain that he would be killed. There he dies at the head of his regiment. What a splendid death! Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”

Rev T W McAndrew, Fauldhouse