New ADHD resource [missing information]

The Royal College of Psychiatrists has released a new information resource for people who have, or suspect they might have, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Unfortunately the College has missed out information in this new resource.  No competing interests have  been declared for the contributors to this ‘ADHD in adults resource for patients and carers‘. It is disappointing to find, yet again, that the Royal College of Psychiatrists has not followed its own advice:

Dr Dietmar Hank is a ‘Paid Opinion Leader’ and Shire/Takeda is funding a service development project with the Adult ADHD Service for which he is clinical lead:

Last month, the Royal College of Psychiatrists appointed a new College Editor and Editor-in-Chief of The British Journal of Psychiatry. Again, the College missed out essential information.  When a pattern  keeps repeating, in this case in relation to failures of transparency, we should insist that organisations, charitable or otherwise, like the Royal College of Psychiatrists, do better. Much better.