Crawford Priory

I first visited the ruin of Crawford Priory in May 2004 with my 7 year old son Andrew on the way to a picnic in St Andrews. I have now visited many times.

I was interested in Crawford Priory as one of my Deeside forebears, James Gordon, had left the remote Aberdeenshire glen of his birth, to become a gardener at Crawford Priory. His family story is tragic. I never did manage to find out what happened to his boy that survived.

I have since been finding out all that I can about the lady who had it built: Lady Mary Lindsay Crawford. Ahead of my film on this remarkable lady I share a gallery of what I have collected so far. I have been to Balcarres castle as I believe that Lady Mary’s portrait hangs there.

Crawford Priory had its roof removed in 1971.

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  1. Very interesting article and photos that I have never seen before! Can I ask you if you know who was in the mausoleum with her. I found a youtube video of an explorer call Jag Betty, looks like it was 3 lead coffins in it.
    Did you find her portrait at Balcarres house too?

    Thanks for all those precious details anyway! And for a great website!

    Best Wishes


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