“Stay classy”

You describe the experience of others
as a “portrayal”
which is “jarringly false”.
How do you portray yourself?
Rational defender of science.

Scientific method fails when based on
extreme polarisation:
How do you portray yourself?
Champion of the College.

Professional values matter
yet you call support of these values
How do you portray yourself?
Victim of harassment.

The language you use also matters:
Goading and invariably sarcastic, you remind us all to:
“Stay Classy”.


This poem is based verbatim on the routinely derogatory language used by Prof Rob Howard, psychiatrist for older adults and former Dean of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.  Prof Howard describes himself as an "Anti-Anti-Psychiatrist".

I would advise all to be very wary of this professional. Prof Howard uses his position of power to label and denigrate anybody who raises legitimate concerns. The labels that he hands out on social media are generally based on "diagnoses" that he makes on people that he has never met. He even uses 'Bingo cards' to  do so. This is a most unusual scientific method. It is also unprofessional and risks causing significant harm.