Here is where we meet

Robert Whelan, May 2009:  Fifty years on, CP Snow’s ‘Two Cultures’ are united in desperation In a famous lecture 50 years ago, CP Snow warned that science and arts were becoming ‘two cultures’ – but the problem now is far, far worse.”

The following short films by Peter explore this divide [please click on each image to play a different film]:

A wonderful journey that I went on:

Translating Madam Bovary [see a new way of necessarily falling short]:

The literature and science of ‘two cultures’:

Epitome of current medical literature:

Somehow cut off from the rest of our lives:

Behind the graph lie a million stories:

To know it and show it:

The biology of the future, and the future of biology:

The making of the future:

Vivendo discimus:


Lecture in progress: