Abergeldie’s gardener

Andrew Wilson [1807-1866] was the Head Gardener for Abergeldie castle for most of his adult life.

Andrew Wilson was born in the Kirktown of Skene, a village most familar to Peter and Sian [we used to live at Tillybin, a farm not far from the Kirktown of Skene]:

Andrew Wilson appears in the local newspaper of August 1860 for gaining some prizes at the Ballater Horticultural Society:

Andrew Wilson never married and was not wealthy. He seems to have given all that he could to the poor of his district and the wider region:

December 1854:

January 1856:

January 1860:

Andrew Wilson died in Aberdeen, fittingly at Balmoral Place, the home of his nephew:

Andrew is buried alongside his nephew’s family in Nellfield cemetery, Aberdeen.

Footnote: I have long had a deep love of Abergeldie and though I am a Gordon, my family branch appears to be descended from Glenbuchat. Long ago, when my son was still a boy, and just after the laird of Abergeldie had kindly invited us to see his castle, I sent this card [a flight of imagination, and nothing more]: