The Governance of the NHS in Scotland

This report was published in July 2018. I commend the Health and Sport Committee for such a comprehensive review and in what follows I will link my writings to some of the themes that develop in this report.

The report begins:

“The NHS in Scotland marks its seventieth anniversary this year. As a landmark year for NHSScotland it provides an appropriate juncture to not only reflect on the changes it has faced but also ensure it is equipped to adapt and respond to future changes. The Health and Sport Committee has been considering these issues within the context of the governance of the NHS.”

The parliamentary committee confirms its view that:

My experience was not always so, particularly when I spoke up about potential patient harm.

The parliamentary committee heard:

I shared with the committee my experience of a HEAT target on the early diagnosis of dementia.

The parliamentary committee explored:

I shared my experience of this from senior NHS employees.

The parliamentary committee took evidence from Sir Robert Francis on freedom to speak up:

The parliamentary committee learned about Duty of Candour:

However they were not told that Duty of Candour does not apply to all those involved in any way in health and social care in Scotland.

The parliamentary committee heard of experience of employees following speaking up:

This was my experience.

The parliamentary committee considered:

This was my experience of certain senior managers from NHS Forth Valley and Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

The parliamentary committee considered the current remit of Healthcare Improvement Scotland:

In addition to this, HIS and the Scottish Government have strong links with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Boston, USA.

In summary:

We should thank the Health and Sport Committee for all the work involved in this report into the Governance of NHS Scotland. It seems to me that the issues raised, and experiences shared, have been carefully considered by the committee. However, it remains to be seen whether meaningful action will follow on from this.

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