Forglen Mausoleum

I have visited my ‘fair share’ of mausolea. More often than not I have found these ‘resting places’ to  have become neglected, vandalised and desecrated. A place where the very idea of personhood has been lost.

Mauosolea, as places, do not seem real to me. They can be beautiful but their intended permanence is a construct and no more.

In the CANMORE archive I came across a series of beautiful architectural sketches for the Forglen Mausoleum. These images inspired the following short film.  On the same day as discovering these beautiful sketches, ‘Release Radar’ [SPOTIFY] shared ‘Skinny Ape’ by Gorillaz.

I would like to dedicate this film to Richard Holloway for his faith in my creativity:

as dust scattered from mountain tops.


To play this short film please click here or on the image above.

[1] BBC Radio Scotland – sharing a forgotten and unknown voice: a voice that begins and closes this film
[2] Skinny Ape – Gorillaz

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