The lands of Petershill are situated about one mile and a half north from the Cross of Glasgow, on the east side of the highway to Kirkintilloch, and near the picturesque Sighthill Cemetery. Anciently there was a loch on the south side of Petershill, but it was drained in the early part of last century.

Romans coins were found on Petershill. The discovery took place in November, 1842, while trenching a garden. The coins embrace several of the profligate Emperor Commodus, and one in Great Brass of the beautiful Crispina, his wife, whom he put to death. On the obverse is her bust, the legend CRISPINA AVGVSTA.

Probably the coins found on Petershill were dropped in some skirmish there between Roman soldiers from the garrisons at Cawdor, or Kirkintilloch, on the Antonine Barrier only a few miles off.

In 1785 Petershill was purchased by Mr. James Campbell, senior, afterwards of Bedlay.

The lands of Petershill were sold by the Campbell family in the first half of the 19c.  The house was demolished and Petershill became an intersection of the Caledonian, the North British, and City of Glasgow Union Railways.