Darkness prevails: the Royal College of Psychiatrists

I recently shared what was not redacted from the 300 page response of a ‘Subject Access’ inquiry that I made to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. This response reveals that the College operates in darkness rather than in the light.

I have been a grassroots campaigner for Sunshine legislation in the UK for more years than I can remember. I have found this to be a most isolating experience and have even encountered “gaslighting”.

The partly redacted e-mail above, of the 19th October 2018, relates to a question I put to all the Royal Colleges in the UK: “Do you support Sunshine legislation?”

The content of the RCPsych response was completely redacted as was who had sent it. However those not redacted from the circulation list include the President, Professor Wendy Burn, and the CEO, Paul Rees. If the President and the CEO were not involved in compiling this response, who was?

So who did write this response?! A response that nobody has seen outside a dark corridor of power.