“The influence of pharma is not excessive”

As part of a debate on the influence of the pharmaceutical industry Professor Alistair Burns and Dr Sarmishtha Bhattacharyya argued that it is “not excessive”. This debate was published in International Psychogeriatrics Volume 19 Issue 6 , December 2007 , pp. 1010 – 1014:

This is a dictionary definition of excessive:

The following professionals are all experts in dementia care and research. The graphics in the slideshow below share declared competing financial interests of these professionals made in the course of their careers to date. It is possible that what is represented is an under-estimate of their competing financial interests as there is no statutory public register. If there are any errors in these info-graphics I would be happy to learn of them and would amend accordingly:

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The past contribution of partnership with industry can be a key part in the career progression of academics and clinicians who have become today’s key opinion leaders. These influential professionals are in the privileged position of being able to influence the current scientific and clinical narrative, including  selecting which details of their own relationships with industry they may choose not to share.