Professors A, B, and C

On social media Professor A shared a picture of the personalised number plate of a leading UK psychiatrist and dementia researcher along with these words:

“Just given a talk in Newcastle and Professor B  ran me back to the station in his car.  I knew about Professor C’s number plate: ALZ 1907 but hadn’t previously seen Professor B’s which is perfect for the King of DLB research.”

[DLB is an acronym for Dementia of a Lewy Body Type]

In an educational lecture on dementia Professor C finished by showing photographs of his two personalised Rolls-Royces :

Professor A is also a collector of classic cars and has shared images of his vehicles.

Apart from their shared passion for classic cars, Professors A, B, and C have all been paid by industry as opinion leaders in dementia for significant periods of their careers. As is the case for all opinion leaders, it is impossible to know how much they have been paid by industry and without the introduction of sunshine legislation this will remain the case.