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  1. My husband’s grandparents lived in this house in the 20s. What an interesting and creative film.

    1. Dear Donna,
      How kind of you to get in touch. I like to imagine the house in the time of your grandparents – a family home.

      This was one of my more ‘experimental’ films. I seem to recall that I was trying to get across that a way of life had gone, in a similar way to the Carsebreck bonspiel.

      Carsebreck is a beautiful place and with so much bird life.

      Thank you for writing. I do not promote my homemade films in any way so it is lovely to get your feedback. Thank you.

      aye Peter Gordon
      Bridge of Allan

  2. I love that place. The house has always captivated me and I’d love to have lived there. Do you or Donna now anything about it’s history? When it was built and who lived there? When the geese arrive in the Autumn it must be the most amazing place to live.

    1. Thanks Bob,
      I shall try and do a little more research on the house and its ‘lived life’.

      Donna is likely to be able to help more than I can.

      Yep, I would love to live there and to see the Geese return.

      aye Peter

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