A bridge over the Allan Water

There has been a bridge over the Allan Water for at least 500 years. It was originally a single span, narrow, and steeply arched bridge. Then Victoria arrived and the ‘healing powers’ of the Spa changed everything.

[1830 map] The narrow bridge over the Allan Water was at 45 degrees to the route south:

December 1841:

Ordnance Survey map, 1861:

An artist’s impression, 1875:

November 1934:

February 1935:

November 1934:

January 1935:

February 1935:

A watercolour by Hugh Green:

February 1938:

October 1939:


The first vehicle to cross a NEW  bridge – finaly built in 1958 [construction had been delayed by 20 years as a consequence of WWII] – was a refuse truck.

I would like to dedicate this post to Malcolm Allan.