Sian Fiona Williams

Gregory’s Girl:

A feeling of being suspended between the sky and the sea:

The North and South Inches:

You are my world:

The manner of what we make defines us:

Wheesht to your omphaloi:

The Fair Maid of Perth [a famous road to]:

In the middle [where wonder is to be found]:

Imagine being a colour and a feeling:

HOTEL [this is not yesterday]:

Part of:

Being here and now and together:

The Great Garden:

She said nothing and she shone:

The beginning of wisdom:

Something of the sky:

Paestum followed:

Fugitive from Girgenti:


s h i m m e r i n :

The sky is not little:

Agapanthus: natural, beautiful, reaching
sharing light, colour and presence.
A globe, a world, projecting tall into the clearest of skies.

Without Agapanthus I have no sky.


Let us not calculate light
Sian saw a glimmer in me. I was dazzled by Sian

Glimmer or dazzle, dazzle or glimmer:
let us not calculate light!

Together, and only together,
Peter and Sian have wavelength


Meet you at the statue in an hour

Thank you:
For meeting me (we are part of serendipity)
‘at the statue in an hour’
(more than serendipity)

Thank you:
For marrying me (we are part of serendipity)
We are arresting in our togetherness
(more than serendipity)

Thank you:
For being there for a temperamental artist
We are all scientists!
(more than serendipity)

Thank you:
For your beauty (beauty beyond serendipity)
I have no sky without Cimbrone

Thank you:
Our world together.