The speaking hedge


More than two decades ago I was awarded distinction by the University of Edinburgh for my dissertation on hedges.


Today I find that I have forgotten the words that I wrote!

I recall the gist of my dissertation but little else.


I first gave the dictionary definition:

002 Hedge

I then introduced my thoughts:

003 Hedge

But my dissertation was on urban hedges:

004 Hedge

22 years on, Alexander McCall Smith, having watched my films, wrote to me to suggest that I might like this book:


I have always loved hedges, especially mixed hedges.
They do not divide in the way that fences or walls do.
Hedges can be trimmed.
Hedges grow.

Hedges have gaps that let the light through.

After I graduated in Medicine with the University of Aberdeen, 
and having trained as a Junior Doctor, I left medicine to study 
Landscape Architecture with the University of Edinburgh. 
Almost three years later I graduated MLA, with distinction 
in every subject.