Films about PSYCHIATRY

Peter’s short films that relate to Psychiatry [please click on each image to play a different film]

Royal Cornhill Hospital, Aberdeen:

Floral corridor:

Kingseat Hospital, Newmachar, Aberdeenshire:

Who are the ‘Corridor people’?:


By yellow lights tormented:

For patients only [leucotomies]:

Furor Therapeutica [Insulin Coma therapy]:

‘We were the first profession’:

Spread quickly and took hold:

[I M] B A L A N C E :


“This is BOOM TIME!”:

Psychiatry in Fabula:


Transparency in British Psychiatry: Hold the applause:


“Why are they so demonised?”:

The caption is wrong:


Peter J. Gordon, (2012),”Window tax“, Mental Health and Social Inclusion, Vol. 16 Iss: 4 pp. 181 – 187

Purpose of paper: The purpose of this paper is to discuss concerns that, despite recent campaigns, stigma has not been fully addressed by the psychiatric profession and that evidence suggests it may have unwittingly contributed to iatrogenic stigma.

Approach: The writer of this paper is a psychiatrist and considers the subject of stigma by employing the metaphor of bricked up windows. Arguments are supported through the evaluation of scientific research in addition to ideas from philosophy and literature.

Findings: This paper highlights areas of ongoing stigma and also identifies possible explanations for this in the current approach of the psychiatric profession.

Practical implications: It is hoped that this paper stimulates further discussion particularly within the psychiatric profession about our approach to tackling stigma.

Originality of paper: This paper re-visits the subject of Iatrogenic stigma ten years on from the Editorial published in the British medical Journal, by Professor Norman Sartorius. The assumption of the psychiatric profession is that, by giving prominence to a biomedical view of mental illness, stigma will be lessened. This paper challenges this view and widens the discussion.