Duncan Paton

Duncan Paton looks most respectable in this mugshot. So much so that I felt compelled to try and find out more about him and the life that he had lived. This post shares what I have found.

Duncan Paton was born in Montgomery Street, Leith on the 2nd of August 1865. His father was a journeyman Chef.

It would seem that for most of his adult life that Duncan Paton lived in Victoria Lodging House in the Grassmarket and in the shadow of Edinburgh castle:

What follows is a timeline of newspaper reports relating to Duncan Paton:

March 1903:

October 1903:

December 1905:

June 1914:

March 1920:

November 1921:

November 1939:

Duncan Paton died on the 6th March 1950 at the age of 85 years. There was, understandably, no mention on his death certificate of his “respectable” appearance. But it was surprising to find no mention, at least in medical terms, of his lifelong insobriety!