The gentle gardener

This film is about the gardens of Gartshore House, near Kirkintilloch. Gartshore was owned by the Whitelaw family. Gartshore House was demolished in 1955.

Gartshore Garden Party:

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Music credits:
(1) ‘Scott Walker Revisited’ – BBC Proms and John Grant
(2) ‘Where did all the love go’ – Kasabian [live]

Audio credit:
Captain Ryder from ‘Brideshead Revisited’ read by Jeremy Irons.

Borrowed words:
Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Julian Barnes, Marcel Proust, and Anthony Doeer

This film is dedicated to ‘the gentle gardener’.

From East Dunbartonshire Archives:
Alexander Whitelaw (1823-1879), a joint manager of William Baird and Co, iron and coal masters, Coatbridge, purchased the Woodhall Estate in the parish of Bothwell, in 1874. The Gartshore Estate, Kirkintilloch, was acquired by him shortly before his death. On his death the estates passed to his eldest son, Alexander Whitelaw (1862-1938), who built Gartshore House in 1887. Alexander married Dorothy, the daughter of Ralph Disraeli of Hughenden, but died without any children in 1938, when the estates passed to his brother William Whitelaw (1868-1946). William had married Gertrude, the daughter of Col. T C Thompson of Milton Hall, Cumberland in 1890. Their son, William Alexander (1892-1919) married Helen, daughter of Major-General Francis Russell of Aden. He died in 1919, only a few years after the birth of their son William Stephen Ian Whitelaw (1918-1999) who inherited the estates in 1946. Popularly known a Willie Whitelaw, he decided to vacate Gartshore House on being elected MP for Penrith, Cumbria. Attempts were made to find an alternative use for the house but it was demolished in 1955. He became first Viscount Whitelaw in 1983. In 1973 Viscount Whitelaw divided his estates between his four daughters. His eldest daughter the Hon Elizabeth Susan Cunliffe-Lister received Gartshore Estate, the Hon Carolyn Graves-Johnston received Thankerton Estate, the Hon Mary Coltman received Holytown Estate and the Hon Pamela Graham the Faskine Estate. The Gartshore and Woodhall Superiorities Consortium was created at the same time and collectively owned by the three younger daughters. The Consortium managed all feu duties and bings. Viscount Whitelaw kept the residue of the Gartshore Estate, which on his death was inherited by Viscountess Whitelaw, and in 2006 was given to the Hon Susan Cunliffe-Lister’s daughter.