Sir Harry Burns

I was invited to give a talk to the Civic Trust Annual Conference on Wednesday 29th October 2014.

This conference was held in Maryhill Halls, Glasgow. The venue I found special.

My talk was on Mavisbank House  a ruin that is close to collapse

I presented the “lived” history of Mavisbank arguing why this ruin might matter for today

I found that all the speakers at this conference had equally important ‘keynote’ messages. The pluralistic approach to well-being & health being the shared determination.

This short film is based on the presentation given by Sir Harry Burns. I share the view of Sir Harry that social determinants of health matter more crucially than the “selfish gene”.

Salutogenesis: is a mouthful of a word, is it not! It is not an attractive word to my ears and it also sounds ‘academic’. Thus distancing. However as a riposte to ‘pathogenesis’ it is most welcome.